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Byron - thanks for how smoothly your ordering and payment process worked.  Just wanted to let you know that I heard about and tried your product from my friend N D.  It worked on my arthritic hands beautifully - I'm back to pain free weaving.  My family will be getting the extras I ordered.  Good luck with your business....I'll pass on the good word.  LW


I love this product, my Mom gave me a jar of the Jelly, and it has changed my life!  I have been sharing it with friends and was very happy to be able to direct them to your website. ST


 Thank you Bryon. I bought the lotion yesterday at Snohomish Farmers Market. I have chronic pain. I asked if the product would help with swelling of joints. I used it last night and tonight when I got home. It WORKS! My ankles hurt to walk. I walk to my daughter home and no pain. Thanks again. DKR


Great product. Through the years we have tried dozens of oils, lotions, potions, and salves for my wife's chronic back and joint pain. Releaf works better than anything we have tried. Thank you. SA


I'm very happy with my purchase of the painreleaf lotion! I have arthritis in my right shoulder after 30 1/2 years of nerve damage and using a wheelchair. I am usually awakened during the night by mother nature and have trouble falling back asleep because of the pain. I started to rub lotion on my shoulder after transferring back into my wheelchair & returning to bed. I am amazed by how quickly the pain disappears & how quickly I fall back asleep! I even seem to awaken later! I am very happy I followed my dad's advice about Pain Releaf Products! I am definitely a returning customer!

Thank you! RW


I have had chronic knee pain from a torn meniscus. I am not a good candidate for repair surgery (yet) because it will usher in osteoarthritis in that joint, so I was told to take ibuprofen for the swelling and discomfort. Unfortunately, the swelling and tightness is constant and the NSAIDS and herbal supplements have shown little to no effect. I've exhausted my patience with doctor appointments that have gone nowhere. I'm open to natural remedies and last week walked by your booth in Snohomish and applied the smallest amount of gel you offered to my knee and walked away. The relief was immediate before I had reached the end of the market and I bought the gel on my way back. I keep pinching myself expecting this to simply turn out to be a placebo effect, but I can't deny the results. I have been putting the gel on at night and I have no swelling and no side effects. I feel it allow me to get to the basis of my injury so I can strengthen the muscles instead of battling the intense swelling that surrounds it, which has made exercise difficult and uncomfortable. The gel has given me hope that I can eventually find my way to a new normal. Thank you for your product. I have already shared my enthusiasm with family members.

Thank You! SB


I recently bought a jar of Releaf Jelly at the Skagit Farmer’s Market. I’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis for two plus years and, also, arthritic pain in a thumb joint. I got relief within a couple of days in the heel and the thumb joint is much better.

I had my doubts that this jelly would work as I’ve used another salve that did not. I am still applying the jelly to both areas, especially the thumb area as I use my hands for many chores.

I’m passing the word on to friends along with your website and I will be buying more once my jar is empty!

Thank you! JD


I just wanted to tell you how amazing your products are! I have used many other brands of cbd cream with little to no pain relief for my tendinitis, ganglion cysts and neck pain from my line of work. I found you at the snohomish farmers market and decided to give it a try and have been amazed! I have relief within minutes that lasts for hours. It’s honestly a life savor and have passed the word on to many people that are also loving your products and finding relief where they hadn’t before with cbd products. My mom has extreme fiber myalgia and arthritis so I gave her some of your bath salts and cream and has Had so much pain relief! Thank you very much, your products are greatly appreciated!

Thank you! CG 

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